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Services we offer:

Analysis: Are you wondering how the performance and profitability of your dealership stacks up against the rest of the industry? We can visit your Dealership and can evaluate key performance indicators and identify potential opportunities for growth.

Expense Budgeting and Expense Allocation: It is important to have a structured allocation methodology in place for each department because each department should be treated as its own profit center and has certain expenses allocated to it. The profitability of each department is therefore directly impacted on not only the gross profit it generates, but also on the direct operating expenses and the indirect expenses allocated to it.

The example below is of a GM Operating Report, which highlights fixed Departments .The variable side is not shown due to space restrictions, but each department should have an allocation of expenses based on certain allocation principles.

We can help streamline cost Controls based on Benchmarking. We can help you allocate Budget for every single variable expense on your Financial Statement as a percentage of Gross so that every month your Dealership can achieve Desirable “Net to gross”.

Fixed Operations: Are you at 100% Fixed Absorption? If not let us help you get there. Evaluate the following:
a) Do you have way too much focus on New and Used Retail?
b) Do you have a Big Rent Factor that needs to be covered by increased Labor Production?
c) Do you have a low retention? Is there a customer Base that is not getting their vehicles serviced at your store?
d) Are the Stores pricing and costing of Labor in line? What is the Labor Gross and E.L.R?
e) Do you have a Quick Lube/ Express Service?
f) Do you have fixed operations that are under performing?

New and Used Vehicle Sales Management: We can Train the Key Managers and Sales Consultants/ Service Advisors in your Dealership.

Inventory Control and Management: We can help you indentify the Core Inventory for your Dealership specific to your Franchise / Location and Sales History and Number of DAYS Supply cycle.

Advertising and Promotions with Targeted Advertising: We can help you evaluate your market in your PMA. We can help you find and indentify your Customers specific to your Car Line.

Process Development and Implementation: Do you have a Documented
a) Product Presentation Process.
b) Selection and Demonstration Process.
c) Negotiation Process.
d) F& I Transition Process.
e) F & I Menu selling Process.
f) First Service Appointment Process
g) Delivery Process.
h) Follow up Cycle and retention.
i) Service Write up process.
j) Walk around process.
k) Menu selling in Service Drive and Recommended Services Process.
l) Process to Increase Parts to Labor Ratio.
m) Service Retention Process.

C.R.M Development and BDC: The BDC is what we refer to as a "Communication Center". The BDC will focus on all prospect, sales or service customers communicating in one voice, one process, and one concept to gain total control of your customer base.

Acquisition /Sale: We can facilitate a dealership exit strategy for you that is far more effective and financially beneficial. Services offered include:
·Franchise Disposition: Guidance through the process of termination, resignation, or reassignment.
·Vehicles: Management and Sale of New Vehicle Inventory which is not returnable and guidance for Used /Pre owned Inventory Auction.
·Parts Return: Facilitation of the current parts returns and liquidation of obsolete Parts inventory.
·Real Estate: Providing options through a network of national developers and key commercial brokers.
·Other Franchise Issues: Expert guidance in handling other requirements relative to the orderly closure of your dealership such as extended warranty plans, computer contracts, leases, etc.