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A Message from Amardeep S.Kumar

Managing automotive dealerships has never been easy and, in today’s market of surplus capacity, uncertain global commerce, extensive regulation, and constantly innovating technologies the competition has become tougher than ever. Almost all dealerships can benefit from having a neutral assessment from an outside consultant. Although, many automotive consulting practices are part of larger organizations with standardized solutions to remedy problems. is a lean and dynamic consulting team that offers a fresher approach and a more cost-effective solution to remedy your automotive-related business problems. We offer personalized assessments from professionals that can help you set realistic goals and objectives. We counsel clients on how to 1) improve operational efficiencies, 2) drive down costs, 3) optimize utilization of technology, and 4) identify business opportunities that generate new revenue streams. We will personally architect a comprehensive improvement plan and tailor technology solutions to fit your dealership’s unique needs.

Because we are dedicated to the success of your business, we will first evaluate key performance indicators to determine how your dealership ranks against the competitors. We will identify which departments are serving as independent profit centers and which need to be streamlined to achieve the desired net-to-gross objectives. We can help you budget for each individual variable expense on your financial statement and offer on-site training of key management, sales consultants and service advisors to maximize operational efficiencies and professionalism, which plays a key role in helping you retain each valuable client. And, we will tailor a personalized procedure manual to ensure improvement programs are retained, thus positioning your dealership for long-term growth and success.

Please feel free to contact me directly to answer any questions you may have or to arrange a visit to your dealership to assess potential programs we can offer.

I look forward to guiding you to build a strong team environment where pride and motivation result in improved sales, superior customer satisfaction and P&L success for your dealership.

Amardeep S.Kumar